KeeVee Games - russian independent development team of games and apps.

I live in a small industrial city called Kirov. Initially, I used "KeeVee" word as part of a game from my childhood. And then, because childhood influenced my further activity, I decided to use it for a team name. When I've chosen and studied to be a programmer, I started to enrol various talented people to my group. After Joseph Run was released, which I made mostly all by myself ​​to test my abilities, people have started to reach out to me. 

We now have a lot of interesting and creative people:

Also, we run joint projects and are good friends with other teams.
We share ideas, people and cookies :3

For more info on other projects, see "Other Projects".

Best regards​,
Lead Programmer, Graphics and Game Designer,
Musatov "MusNik" Nikita.


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